Support ( we are not suited to perform miracles )

Support / Contact ( we try the best we can )

Try before to buy and/or ask around how it works ..

We do the best within our LIMITED RESOURCES ( Llamasoft is a TWO people company ) to deliver the best products we can and be sure as many as possible can enjoy the gaming experience.

However the world is full of wild PCs and wild HW/SW configurations that we can't guarantee is going to work on everyting especially considering the fact we can't have all the HW in the world to test it on.

So sometime is does not work on some configurations, we can try our best to sort it out but we can not always succeed nor we can guarantee that everything we do is always going to work on any machine out there.

If you have to report a problem try to supply us with as much detail information you can about the nature of the problem and how it manifests on your machine.

Technical support / scapegoat

For technical support please use this email and/or try to poke around our fans forum in the Minotaur Project section, you may find useful information also check the online Steam Community for the game.

Giles ( to the left ) is your man, usually he'll start crying and/or hitting his head on the desk bonking his horns when receving a support request.

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