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If you'd like to interview us or have us attending some exhibition or require our presence somewhere just write to Jeff Minter and we'll be please to help you. Llamasoft is always open for a chat with no obligations, feel free to contact us.


Media ( and archive material )

For all Llamasoft press and technical enquires, please contact Jeff Minter and in case you may need an Italian speaker you may get in touch with Ivan Z.

if you are interersted in Llamasoft merchandise or a printed copy of the "The History of Llamasoft" book please check the shop page.


Business Developement

Llamasoft has a long and proud history of working with some of the best publishing partners in the business, most notably Atari and Microsoft, delivering top-quality software, high tie-in rates and critical acclaim. We're currently in the process of finalising some exciting new projects, but we're always interested in hearing about new opportunities.

For more information, please contact: Jeff Minter


Technical support

For technical support please check the support page, in this way you will reach the best place for the best answers. We do our best to provide the best support we can.

Giles ( to the left ) is your man ...

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