Looking Glass, exploring new tech

Llamasoft is always interested in new technology

We are always interested in new, experimental, strange technology.
We been dipping a bit into Looking Glass we find it really interesting and challenging display with lot of potential for experimentation.
As you can see we did try a bit by supporting it into our Minotaur Arcade Volume 1 game the challenges are quite many from "Looking Good" ( on the display ) to render the quite high amount of frames necessary.
We plan to continue to support it for the future, time and resources permitting, and keep an eye on the evolution of such tech, even if it may not easily become mainsteam we are still very interested in it ( and any other experimental tech ) .
We have also recently embraced the world of Vulkan working on a totally NEW engine based on it. Remember, if you have cool tech, strange tech, and HW missing some cool app, GET IN TOUCH WITH US we are always listening.
Beam me up Scotty!